Alumni News

From Manasseh Franklin…

[October 5, 2009]

I’ve officially embarked on the latest and greatest of another adventure, this one has led me to the wonderful world of Nepal! After roughly 35 hours of travel time that began on September 30 and finally ended October 2nd, I arrived at the capital city of Kathmandu, underslept, overstimulated and too spacey to feel as excited as I wanted.

In an effort to thwart the sleep that would elongate jetlag, my travel partner, Andy, and I journeyed into the bustling tourist district of Thamel where we were greeted by honking horns, cars that brushed past our elbows, trash piles roadside that looked to never be removed, stall after stall of cheap, beautiful Nepali goods, restaurants advertising cafe latte, more off-market mountaineering goods stores than clothing stores, beautiful nepali women dressed in colorful sequined saris, and a thick, hot humidity that made every grimy smell stick to our already ripe skin.

We wandered for several hours, me in almost complete silence, staring, bleary wide eyes trying to take in the sleeping stray dogs on the sidewalks, the cows sharing the streets, the overflowing fruit stands, the haggling shopkeepers, the sounds of traffic, horns blaring, and out of CD shops, the soothing sound of monks chanting the sacred mantra, om mani padme hum.

Other westerners walked the streets as well, most of them adorned in trekking gear that confirmed their tourist identity more so than their white skin. Languages from all over carried over the other streetsounds, the horns like a symphony, the spoken words the instrumental accompaniment.

From Stephen Campbell…

[April 12, 2008]

In mid-July I’m starting at the University of Pennsylvania to earn my M.S. Ed. degree and certification in Elementary Ed. It’s an intense 10-month stint focusing on urban education, integrating technology into the classroom, and student teaching of course! I’m really excited to begin my ‘true calling’ of becoming an elementary school teacher.

It’s a field in which I believe I can affect real change and see the growth right before my eyes, one student (or an entire classroom!) at a time.

It’s funny because when I graduated from KU, I assumed that my writing degree limited my career opportunities to writing jobs only….now I see it as just the opposite! My degree actually opens so many more doors than I had previously thought.

Thanks again for passing along ‘my’ job to the talented grads there. I hope to see some resumes coming in soon!

Hope all is well!